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1. Oil Palm Sickles
We are pleased to offer the Chillington “Crocodile” brand Oil
Palm Sickle made from hardened and tempered British standard
quality steel to reach optimum strength characteristics of the
steel which is very suitable for using in Oil Palm plantation
2. Oil Palm Sickle Accessories
3. Baby Hoes
4. Oil Palm Sickle Accessories
‐ Made from high grade Alumina oxide (8.5‐9 HRC) and Silicon
carbide (9‐9.5 HRC)

‐ Suitable for sharpening matchets/knives that are made from
high hardness and high chrome steel.

‐ The abrasives are fused like one ceramic glass piece which
is hard throughout the stone.

‐ High grade quality materials with excellent mix of the bonding
agents and abrasives.

Product Code : SS2Z
Weight :0.51 kgs.
Dimensions 8x2x1 inches