“The No. 1 Choice of people around the world for over 100 years”


Because of the inherent quality of our agricultural handtools, the Martindale Group has been supplying machetes, hoes, sugar cane knives, and other tools to farmers for well over 100 years, with products reaching consumers in 142 sovereign countries worldwide. Our tools have been developed to meet the particular usage needs and patterns preferences of our customers all over the world.

  agricultural RAKES
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■ Pattern No. : G-R12■ Garden Rake Head 12 Teeth■ No Handle

■ Pattern No. : G-R14■ Garden Rake Head 14 Teeth■ No Handle

■ Pattern No. : G-R16■ Garden Rake Head 16 Teeth■ No Handle

■ Pattern No. : G-R16TTH■ Garden Rake Head 16 Teeth with Tubular Pipe